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Harness & Aqua Sphereing

Harness Sphereing

Harness Sphereing is the most popular of our Sphereing activities, Hitting 30mph down a hill in a huge inflatable ball is a pretty awesome experience.

A tried and tested product over a decade; we have fine tuned our Spheres and confidently offer the best Hill Rolling product on the market. The concept is simple, two people wearing full body harnesses are attached inside the Sphere, then rolled down a hill at up to 30mph.

Harness Sphereing is not for the faint-hearted and could not be described as a gentle ride! More importantly though it ll be the most fun and biggest adrenaline rush you may ever experience.

Harness Spheres always have two participants in, strapped in opposite each other, so you will ride head over heels down the hill.

Prices are £30 for one person, £49 for two people


Aqua Sphereing

You and some very close friend, and 30-50 litres of water a recipe for extreme entertainment.

If youve ever wondered what it might be like inside a washing machine well you get the idea.

Aqua Spheres can have 1, 2 or 3 riders and you will roll down the same hill with you and the water inside the Sphere.

Please Note : Aqua Sphereing is not the same as water walking you will get very wet!

Prices are £35 for one person, £49 for two people, or £59 for three people



Our season is March to October every year and we run most weekends throughout the season.