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Sky Bow Party - 1 hour £250

Sky Bow Party - 1 hour £250

Sky Bow Party - 1 hour £250

Product Number: #sb250

Price: £250.00

Laporte Sky Bow - Let the games begin... VOUCHER FOR 1 HOUR FOR UPTO 10 PEOPLE

We are the only stand-alone activity centre in the UK to offer this amazing new crazy sport. Become the next Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games with this brand new exiting activity.

Firstly there is nothing like it in the world, it offers a totally new concept to archery that involves moving targets flying in the air just waiting for you to bring them down with your special Sky Bow and Arrow, No worries if your not Katniss Everdeen, our expert instructors will have you aiming and shooting down moving targets in no time at all, bringing out your competitive streak as you compete against your fellow members of the team/district...

With a maximum of 12 archers per lesson, Madrenaline is the ideal place to try  this new archery craze Sky Bow. For all first-time archers, this can be a total revelation into how a traditional sport can be turned on its head and even if you’re an old hat at this archery lark, Sky Bow lessons offer something new and exciting, pushing your arrow-wielding skills to the limit.

We use archery targets made of foam so they don’t splinter or break when struck or upon landing and can be fired from the traps again and again until you meet with success. The arrows and bows are fairly regular, but come in different weights and sizes, meaning this arrowed activity can be adapted to suit children as young as ten. Be prepared for more than a few misses (it’s tricky to be on target!) but we are sure that after only one or two attempts you’ll be desperate to keep going until you hit gold.

Voucher valid for 8 months from date of purchase

Season runs March to December