Covid19 Virus information


We're in this together with a flexible approach

Your bookings/Events & Coronavirus

Here at Madrenaline we recognise that we have a responsibility as an event provider to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  It goes without saying that we need to protect ourselves, our staff and our customers when it comes to matters of public health and have therefore temporarily closed Until 4th July 2020. 

Rest assured we are behind the scenes working hard to make our opening even bigger and better than we were before.

If you already have a booking with us

We will be contacting all customers who have a booking with us before July 2020 and shall be rescheduling eveyone to future dates in July or August where we hopefully will be in a better position than we are now.

Please do not worry any vouchers that have already made a booking with will NOT expire so no panic about getting rebooked back in in the future.

If you want to make a booking or your voucher is about to expire...

Rest assured we are still planning ahead as usual, but working with our customers to make contingency plans should the event be postponed.

If you voucher is about to expire please choose a date in June/July/August, Please do not worry any vouchers that have made a booking online with us will NOT expire so no panic about getting rebooked back in in the future should we need to postpone again.

If you voucher is about to expire please see our dates on the calenders July & August. You can make a booking using your voucher now for any of those future dates even if your voucher expires before the date you choose as long as you have booked it before the voucher expires.

Should the government deem it not safe to operate then we will of course offer you future dates for a re-scheduled booking once its safe again to be in groups.

We are going to be as flexible as possible when it comes to postponed bookings...

Group Bookings & Hen/Stags Events

If you have already booked your Group/Hen or Stag event with us then rest assured we will try our best to offer you the future dates that you want for your event. We will be as flexible as possible to suit your needs and will try to work around your time table to ensure you have the event with us.

From today 08/06/20 we are only taking Deposits for any event, the balance will only be due a couple of days beforehand once you have decided if you want to go ahead as planned, however if the event is cancelled by yourself then the deposits will not be refunded but the balances of your event will NOT be asked for either. Any event can be either re-scheduled or postponed to avoid losing any deposits at all or taken as credit for future events... this applies to Covid-19 situations only.


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